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Row totals do not always show the correct number

Jaco asked on July 28, 2020

Hi Support,

I have an issue with the totals on a row. It does not always show the correct amount as you can see in the attachment. 
As datasource i use Elastic Search 6.8 and i use the latest Flexmonster version. I have set up a test environment in Elastic Search. I will email this info to support.
Regards Jaco

2 answers

Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster July 29, 2020

Hello, Jaco,
Thank you for writing to us and providing detailed information about the issue.
Our team noticed that in the Elasticsearch response there are keys that differ only by the case of the first letter. For example, “standup” and “Standup”. Flexmonster combines their values into 1 row but shows totals in an unexpected way.
If the case of letters should not be taken into account, please store your data within a single register.
Otherwise, we would like to kindly suggest defining the property caseSensitiveMembers of the Options Object as true, so the component will treat the mentioned keys as different. Please have a look at the example:
Please let us know if it works for you and if you have any additional questions.
Kind regards,

Jaco July 30, 2020

Hi Milena,

Thanks for your reply. 
Since we do not know if the user means “standup” or “Standup” the values must be treated as different values. Setting the property “caseSensitiveMembers” does the trick here.
I will remove the test environment.
Regards Jaco

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