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UI bug after set filter

Francesco asked on October 10, 2019

if you configure the report slice with this options: 

"showTotals": "off",
"showGrandTotals": "off"

when applying a filter that does not return any values ( in the fiddle for example use “Sum of weight” Equal 999 ), the pivot headers disappear and the filter can no longer be modified. There is no way to return to the initial state.
You can se the example in this fiddle:
Can you help us?


3 answers

Ian Sadovy Flexmonster October 10, 2019

Hello Francesco,
Thank you for reporting and the sample to reproduce.
We will take a look at this issue and the fix will be released in the next minor release (ETA Nov 04).
Please let us know if it works for you.

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster November 5, 2019

Hello, Francesco,
We are glad to announce that the issue with disappearing headers after configuring the filter that returns empty result was fixed.
This is included in the 2.7.18 version of Flexmonster:
You are welcome to update the component.
Here is our updating to the latest version tutorial for guidance: 
Please let us know if everything works fine for you.
Best Regards,

Francesco December 5, 2019

with the latest version everything works fine.
Best Regards,

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