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What are the localization key names for "click to drill down" and "click to drill up" tooltips?

Maria Cristina Debuayan asked on September 2, 2016

3 answers

Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster September 2, 2016

Hi Maria,
Thank you for your question.
The samples of localization XML files in the documentation article have been updated with the localization key names for “Click to drill down” and “Click to drill up” tooltips. They are the following:

<drillDown>Click to drill down</drillDown>
<drillUp>Click to drill up</drillUp>

Kind regards,

Maria Cristina Debuayan September 5, 2016

Thank you Iryna.

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster November 25, 2016

Hello Maria and all Flexmonster users,
Starting from version 2.3, localization is set via JSON. You can find the samples of the localization files in the article Localizing component.
Tooltips for “Click to drill down” and “Click to drill up” should be set the following way:

"tooltips": {
   "drillDown": "Click to drill down",
   "drillUp": "Click to drill up"


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