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What license is better to choose?

Please, could you specify what is the difference between single corporate license & OEM/SaaS licensing?

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Antonina Krus Flexmonster October 12, 2015

There are two main approaches that depend on whether you plan to use Flexmonster for internal reporting of a single company (single corporate license) or embed it into your software for further distributing as ISV (OEM/SaaS licensing).
Single corporate license is for single-company intranet deployment. License doesn’t expire which means it won’t crash because of any license-key reasons. However, license includes 1 year of Free Support & Upgrades which includes not only bug fixing but also demo preparation, small customizations for your needs (if they meet our roadmap), and ability to upgrade to new released versions of Flexmonster during 1 year. In a year you have a possibility to renew it (but that’s not obligatory if your current version works fine for you and you don’t need further support).
Production. License also includes free production key for your project. If you run your app on IP, one-word domain or localhost you can use developer’s key with it. When you go to production, you tell us the domain name and we provide you with a proper key. (test domains are also free, just let us know it’s for testing).

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