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'Wrong formula format' error after upgrade to 2.8

Daniel Stokes asked on September 17, 2020

We upgraded our version of Flexmonster from 2.7.19 to 2.8.14, and now get an error when trying to create a calculated field.
We use flexmonster over a SSAS data source, and previously were able to create Calculated Values with no problem.  However, now we get an error like:
“Wrong formula format. Please check.
The aggregation ‘sum’ in the ‘Average Ticket Price’ formula is not valid.”
We see this for any calculated field, even if we only add one measure.  See the attached screenshots for an example.
Was there a change between the two versions which might be causing this issue?  Any suggestions on how to resolve it?
Thank you!

1 answer

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster September 17, 2020

Thank you for reporting the problem.
The fix is going to be provided with a minor update ETA Oct 19.
We will notify you as soon as the version with a fix is available to download.
As a temporary workaround, we recommend disabling the formula validation using the options.validateFormulas property. Define its value as false to disable the alert. The calculated value will be created as expected.
Please contact us in case any other questions arise.
Kind regards,

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