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Version 2.118 / September 28, 2015

NEW  Only measures with properties different from default are being saved in report. All the measures were saved in report before this minor release. This improvement reduces the size of report file.

NEW HTML5 Y-axes have a vertically aligned titles.

NEW HTML5 Displaying X-axis and Legend label names in tooltip.

NEW HTML5 Report’s filename parameter supports URL to a blob/file object created by URL.createObjectURL().


FIX  Ignorance of configuratorActive parameter in the very first loaded report was fixed.

FIX  Restoration of sorting in Flat table for the report based on the same CSV datasource was fixed.

FIX  Dashboard demo height in download pack was fixed to show the demo completely.


FIX  Showing wide columns on the grid was improved.

FIX  Toolbar update: credentials fields for OLAP connection were removed (because this feature isn’t available in HTML5).

FIX  Wrong filter pop-up placement with long members’ names was fixed.

FIX  The issue with parsing specific CSV files that contain ":" character in the header was fixed.

FIX  The issue when Field List OK button was disabled for Flat table after a CSV file load was fixed.