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October 2015 (v. 2.120)

NEW  New parameter useOlapFormattingInExcel for exportTo() was added to configure how to export grid cells in Excel file if formatting is taken from OLAP cube – as a formatted string (true) or as numbers without formatting (false). Previously it was not configurable and the cells were exported as formatted strings.

NEW  Now it’s possible to save data (for CSV/OCSV data sources) within the report file. Usage:

flexmonster.save("report.xml", "file", null, null, true);

Produced file will contain data in OCSV format.


FIX The issue related to non-changing of Grid view after changing a title of calculated formula in Calculated view was fixed.

FIX  If an existing formula is used to create a new formula, the old formula in the editor is represented by its name instead of internal code.


FIX  The truncation of long names in chart y-labels was fixed.

FIX  The positioning of labels on X-axis was fixed.

FIX  The issue with horizontal scrolling was fixed.

FIX  An exception that occurred when switching to bar line chart with only one measure selected was fixed.

FIX  The issue when showChartsWarning option did not turn off the warning on charts was fixed. The <param name = "showChartsWarning">false</ param> in report XML works fine now.