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February 2016 (v. 2.206)

NEW ACCELERATOR Secure HTTPS protocol is now supported by Accelerator (read more – MS Analysis Services, Mondrian).

NEW COMPRESSOR JAVA / .NET / PHP Now it’s possible to compress query result from database in one line of code – directly from SqlReader, ResultSet, DbDataReader, etc.


FIX Filtering for drilled down hierarchies in Mondrian was fixed.

FIX Empty row headers in drilled down hierarchy were fixed in the Сlassic view.

FIX The issue with parsing dates in specific format was fixed.

FIX The issue with Excel files corruption caused by bad sheet name format was fixed.

FIX The 2.2 version introduces simplified naming of dimensions, hierarchies, measures and members for CSV/JSON data sources. There was a backward compatibility issue with hierarchy naming in setFilter() and clearFilter() API calls. The issue is fixed now.


FIX The bug with the single member of the node in the unbalanced hierarchy was fixed.

FIX Exception on setReport() when binding JSON data was removed.

FIX The issue with OLAP’s drill-through was fixed.

FIX The issue with multi lines in Filter was fixed.

FIX The issue with too big column width was fixed.

FIX The issue with Y axis labels when Count aggregation is used was fixed.

FIX The issue when KPI GOOD TREND is always displayed as BAD was fixed.

FIX The information about drilled-down hierarchies is shown in a more compact way on charts’ tooltips.

FIX The incorrect X axis visualization on charts when hierarchy has only one member was fixed.

FIX On charts Y axis’ titles now go upwards.

FIX The issue with passing Date object in JSON was fixed.

FIX COMPRESSOR JAVA The issue with compressing large numbers was fixed.

FIX COMPRESSOR The issue with "n+" prefix was fixed. Also, "n+" is now deprecated, since it works the same way as "-".

FIX ACCELERATOR Mondrian API to clear outdated cache was added.

FIX ACCELERATOR SSAS The issue with refreshing outdated cache was fixed.