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Version 2.209 / March 28, 2016

NEW  New option saveAllFormats was added to enable saving of all the number’s formats within the report. It is false by default and the default behavior of 2.209 version is the same it was in 2.208 – if there are more then 5 formats defined, only the formats that are used for "active=true" measures will be saved in the report. In order to get saved all the formats, no matter how many of them you have and whether they are used for active measures or not, please set saveAllFormats property to true.


FIX  The issue with controls visibility for unbalanced hierarchies in CSV was fixed. 

FIX The exception that occurred when the report is loaded after the one with an empty slice was fixed.

FIX  Improved JSON demo that illustrates how to define filters, sorting, numbers formatting, conditional formatting and calculated values via report object based on JSON data.


FIX  XSS (Cross-site scripting) prevention was improved.


FIX The issue with hidden leaves for data in CSV format was fixed.

FIX The issue when the saving of Excel file takes too much time was fixed.

FIX The issue with searching members with Accelerator was fixed.


FIX ACCELERATOR SSAS Accelerator installer requires .NET Framework 4.0 now.

FIX ACCELERATOR Mondrian The issue with missing members for specific hierarchies was fixed.