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October 2016 (v. 2.223)

NEW HTML5 New attribute “Format as percent” (isPercent property in Format Object) for measure formatting was added. It has value false by default. It allows to format data as percentage. The behaviour is the same as in Excel. Set isPercent to true and numbers will be multiplied by 100 and % symbol will be added. For example, 0.56 will be changed to 56%. Please note, if % is set as currencySymbol, setting isPercent to true will not multiply numbers by 100.

FIX  The issues with loading the report which has the embedded data was fixed.

FIX  The issue with browser freezing while loading specific OCSV data from the report was fixed.

FIX  The issue with the pie charts legend, that occurred when you switched to it from the Classic View pivot table, was fixed.

FIX  The issue when the calculated measure remains in the slice after it was deleted by Remove button in Calculated Values pop-up or by API calls removeMeasure() and removeAllMeasures() was fixed.

FIX  The visual issue in the Field List was fixed.

FIX COMPRESSOR .NET The issue with file blocking after it had been read was fixed.