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January 2017 (v. 2.308)

NEW New chart Bar Horizontal was added to the list of built-in interactive pivot charts. It is available in the toolbar by default. Please use "bar_h" type in API for the new horizontal bar chart.

NEW The new option showAggregationLabels to hide aggregation labels on the grid for measures was added. Check the example.

NEW Export to Excel and CSV from charts is allowed now and exports grid data.

NEW New feature grouping was added. By default, it’s turned off and can be enabled via options e.g.

options: {
    grouping: true

FIX The issue with using localization labels for the mobile version of the component on the desktop version in Format menu was fixed.

FIX The removeAllCalculatedMeasures() API call was fixed.

FIX The issue with dragging fields from pages to columns on the grid was fixed.

FIX The issue with calculated value drop-downs was fixed.

FIX The issue with percent formatting was fixed.

FIX Sorting values on the grid was improved for touch devices.

FIX Improved backward compatibility for useOlapFormatting option.

FIX The issue with removeSelection() API call was fixed.

Version 2.232

FIX The exception while parsing CSV that contains only header row was fixed.