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April 2017 (v. 2.313)

NEW New cell property isDrillThrough is now available inside customizeCell function.

NEW customizeCell hook is now working with all exports.

NEW A new approach of the charts rendering was implemented. Previously the charts were fitted in the width and height available. Now visual elements have a minimum size and if they do not fit in the available space the scroll bar arises. As a result, the charts can now show more data in a more readable form and the labels on axes do not overlap.

NEW An operator isNaN() was introduced to be used in formulas in calculated values and in conditional formatting. For example, the following formula "if(isNaN(#value), 'trueStyle')" in conditional formatting will highlight the cells with no data. New conditional option Empty was added for this operator in the toolbar in addition to Less than, Greater than, Equal to, etc. Also, isNaN() or !isNaN() can be used in calculated values. For example, the calculated value that is described with the following formula "if(isNaN(average("Discount")), average("Price") * 0.1, average("Discount"))" will do different calculations depending on if average("Discount") is NaN or not.

FIX The issue with toolbar after pivot re-creation was fixed.

FIX The issue with toolbar pop-ups when creating multiple pivots was fixed.

FIX The issue with horizontal bar chart axis labels positioning in IE was fixed.

FIX The issue with axis labels positioning in exported HTML was fixed.

FIX The rotation of x-axis labels on charts was improved.

FIX The issue with missing % sign in the right y-axis in the bar-line chart when a measure has % Difference aggregation was fixed.

FIX The issue with exporting UTF-8 symbols to CSV was fixed.

FIX The issue with oneLevelTuple property was fixed.

FIX The issue with configuratorActive property was fixed.

FIX The issue with sorting filtered members in Flexmonster accelerator was fixed.

FIX Fixed hash parameter for passing credentials to the server via XMLA.

FIX The issue with wrong height and width when showHeaders = false was fixed.