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Version 2.401 / August 21, 2017

FIX The issue with showing 150K+ rows in IE/Edge was fixed.

FIX UI/CSS issues in IE11 were fixed.

FIX The issue when beforetoolbarcreated event was dispatched two times was fixed.

FIX The following issues with export to excel were fixed:

  • when showFilters: true is set as an export parameter;
  • when a report has a grid title;
  • when customFields are defined in a report.

FIX The issue with adding .false CSS class to each cell that does not meet the condition formatting rule was fixed.

FIX The issue with Add Group button was fixed.

FIX The issue with measures formatting in drill-through view was fixed.

FIX Fix for buggy behavior after canceling on Open CSV File.

FIX Toolbar exception was removed for IE11.

FIX Charts working correctly in IE11.

FIX Cell renderer demo was fixed for IE11 and Edge.