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January 2018 (v. 2.412)

FIX The issue with "Bar" label localization was fixed.

FIX Export to Excel from flat view with showFilters:true was fixed.

FIX The issue when the field’s name is surrounded with brackets '[' ']' was fixed.

FIX The width of flat view Field List was increased.

FIX Closing of Drill Through view was optimized.

FIX The issue with incorrect selection of cell for drill through (when the grid was displaying thousands of rows) was fixed.

FIX The issue of losing "m+" and "w+" prefixes in OCSV saved within report JSON was fixed.

FIX An exception when parsing CSV that contains a field with "id+" prefix was fixed.

FIX Browser’s memory consumption was reduced further.

FIX The issue with filtering time-base hierarchies in Mondrian was fixed.

FIX Save/restore process was fixed for drilled hierarchies.