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February 2019 (v. 2.6.14)

NEW Now updateHandler of the getData() API call is triggered also when a number format is changed.

NEW SSAS Filtering added to the drill-through view.

NEW Now, when the showHeaders option parameter is set to false, the column resizer is placed on the second row.

FIX The issue with filtering and grand total percent in the formula was fixed.

FIX The issue with the "max" aggregation and negative values was fixed.

FIX The issue with showing empty cells instead of zeroes for "count" aggregation was fixed.

FIX The issue with resetting measure’s format when formatting with the Toolbar was fixed.

FIX The issue with exporting to Excel when the starting layout is the chart’s layout was fixed.

FIX The issue with opening filters in the flat table was fixed.

FIX exportTo() method with destinationType: "plain" was improved to return in the following types:

  • for HTML export: string
  • for CSV export: string
  • for Excel export: Uint8Array
  • for Image export: HTMLCanvasElement
  • for PDF export: jsPDF object