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August 2018 (v. 2.6.2)

NEW Now it’s possible to associate JSON field with another column (set member property). Check the example on JSFiddle.

NEW kk pattern was added to set time format in dateTimePattern and datePattern. It is used for the hour of the day in a 24-hour format [1 – 24] which will be interpreted as numeric in two digits. For example, 01 or 24.

NEW Now the new line symbol("\n") is replaced with <br> for the header filter cells.

NEW Custom request headers are now available for OCSV requests.

NEW Now autoCalculationBar has its own property in .LESS file for the background color.

FIX The issue with obfuscated values in Chart Data Object was fixed.

FIX The positioning of custom headers for PDF chart export was fixed.

FIX The issue with positioning for AutoCalculationBar on the last row was fixed.

FIX The issue with multi-cell selection on Mac was fixed.

FIX The issue when setFormat() was called with maxDecimalPlaces: -1 or decimalPlaces: -1 and it did not work as expected was fixed.

FIX The issue when after canceling the connection to a local data file the pivot table is cleaned was fixed.

FIX The issue with the report when a format specified for a measure is applied not to all selections of this measure was fixed.

DEPRECATED CellDataObject.rows[].hierarchyUniqueName was renamed to hierarchyName.

DEPRECATED CellDataObject.columns[].hierarchyUniqueName was renamed to hierarchyName.