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September 2018 (v. 2.6.3)

NEW The Nlog dependence was removed from the Accelerator DLL. Now it is possible to set your own logger which should implement ILogger interface.

Accelerator.Utils.LoggerLocator.SetLogger(new Logger());

NEW Now Accelerator DLL is available as a NuGet package.

NEW The fieldSeparator property is now available for the CSV export.

FIX The issue with exporting customized cells to Excel was fixed.

FIX The issue when sorting is different in the flat table and in the filter pop-up if a hierarchy has more than 1000 members was fixed.

FIX The node expansion and drill-down issues when a measure was selected several times for the report based on OLAP data source were fixed.

FIX The display of redundant sorting arrows in columns or in rows of the pivot table was fixed.

FIX The display of several sorting arrows in columns of the pivot table, when one measure is selected with different aggregations, was fixed.

FIX The incorrect positioning of data labels (chart option showDataLabels: true) for bars with negative values on the bar chart was fixed.

FIX The issue with using difference, %difference, runningtotals aggregations in the calculated values was fixed.

FIX The getFilterProperties() does not return the members property if the filter type is "none" or if it is "top" or "bottom", but there is no filter on members.

FIX PHP Compressor The issue with the Data Compressor for PHP was fixed.