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November 2019 (v. 2.7.19)

FIX The issue with incorrect measure caption when using the updateData API call was fixed.

FIX The issue with charts when there is division by zero was fixed.

FIX SSAS Selecting fields for the drill-through view based on the current slice was improved.

FIX SSAS If none of the drill-through fields match the slice, all available fields will be selected instead of an empty view.

FIX SSAS The issue with [ char before the field names for the drill-through view was fixed.

FIX SSAS Measures grouping in the Field List was improved to match the server configuration better.

FIX Added a new option includeEmptySubtotalsOLAP to the Options object. It helps to ensure that all data is loaded in the case when all elements but subtotals are empty.

FIX The issue with calculated values removal via API was fixed.