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September 2020 (v. 2.8.15)

NEW Accessibility: drag and drop actions were made accessible for the Field List and Calculated Values pop-up.

NEW id was added for each item in the menu for better identification in customizeContextMenu.

FIX The issue with an empty error message when creating a calculated value with empty formula was fixed.

FIX The bug when loading a single record from the remote JSON file was fixed.

FIX Support for the licenseFilePath property was added to the Vue and Angular wrappers.

FIX The licenseFilePath property was added to the TypeScript definitions.

FIX The issue with buttons’ icon alignment (CSS) for fieldListPosition: 'right' was fixed.

FIX Several CSS improvements were added for UI buttons.

FIX The issue with the HTML string template in the react-native-flexmonster module was fixed.

FIX The issue with unsupported date types in custom API data source was fixed.

FIX The issue with the “Multiple values” checkbox in the charts dropdown was fixed.

FIX MongoDB Connector The issue when loading slice with empty measures was fixed.