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January 2021 (v. 2.8.24)

NEW Removing fields in the Field List by dragging them out of the current panel (columns, rows, measures, etc.) was added.

NEW CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API A new singleEndpoint property was added to the Data Source Object. If set to true, all custom data source API requests will be sent to a single endpoint specified in dataSource.url.

FIX The issue with the number formatting view when using custom measure captions was fixed.

FIX The issue with saving number formatting for only active measures was fixed.

FIX If the data expanding process is terminated, all unexpanded members remain available.

FIX The issue with numeric labels being passed to FusionCharts was fixed.

FIX Flexmonster Data Server The issue with the size of logs was fixed.

FIX FLEXMONSTER.D.TS The type definition for getReport() API call was fixed.

FIX CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API The issue with the presorted members in the hierarchical fields was fixed.

FIX CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API The issue with expand/collapse in the hierarchical fields with the specified active level was fixed.

FIX CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API The issue with blank cells when several hierarchies are drilled down was fixed.

FIX CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API Handling of the wrong path to the data source was improved.

FIX CUSTOM DATA SOURCE API More convenient way to define filters for the specific field was added.