API reference
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All objects

Configure Flexmonster Component the way you want using various objects:

Object Description
ReportObject Contains all the possible aspects of pivot tables and pivot charts configuration.
MappingObject Contains information about field data types, captions, multi-level hierarchies, and other view configurations of the data source.
SliceObject Defines what data subset from the data source is going to be shown in the report.
OptionsObject Used to specify appearance and functionality available for customers.
FilterObject Contains filtering information.
TableSizesObject Contains information about table sizes.
DataSourceObject Contains information about the data source.
GlobalObject Used to set options that will be applied to all reports.
FormatObject Defines the way how numeric values are formatted in the component.
ConditionalFormatObject Describes conditional formatting rules.
CellDataObject Contains information about the cell.
ChartDataObject Contains information about the chart segment.
ToolbarObject Contains information about the Toolbar.
ChartLegendDataObject Contains information about the chart legend element.
ShareReportConnectionObject Contains the configuration needed to share a report.
FieldListItemObject Contains information about the Field List item.
MeasureIdentifierObject An auxiliary object that is used to identify measures when using different functionality.