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Increase the level of your data security with Flexmonster

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.


When working with different data sources and giving access to your data to connect with our Pivot Table, you definitely want to be sure that it’s secured. This concern is understandable, thus we’ve developed simple solutions to protect your data.

I want to draw your attention to our special tools, such as Flexmonster Accelerator for OLAP cubes and Flexmonster Data Compressor. These tools were created to make your reporting faster and they also allow you to increase the level of your data security.

What ensures the safety of your data?


Database is restricted to external access

The database closed to external access is a must requirement for many of our customers and Flexmonster Pivot component handles it. The Data Compressor and Accelerator create an intermediate chain between your OLAP cube or database and the Pivot Table. When integrators run any of those tools on their server they can prevent external access to their cube or database. The client-side component sends a request to Accelerator / Compressor which processes a query to local data storages. In this case, the access to databases and cubes is available exclusively on the local server using only those local scripts. This method increases security and protects against all external threats like picking passwords, hacking and others.


Provide access for users with different roles and access levels

Also, with Flexmonster Accelerator / Compressor you can grant access and provide certain rights to different categories of users where each user can have his own permissions. Thus, depending on its role in the project/company, the user receives access to any information or not. Also, the specific tables or even a database can be completely closed for specific users.

And what is important, all these operations can be done on your server. So, there is no need to once again pass this information to the component, each time it accesses the server.

So please see how to protect your data by using credentials for accessing the data source.

  • Configure username/password protection for MSAS
  • Configure username/password protection for Pentaho Mondrian
  • Our Compressor works as a library which can be included into the script generating data. You can add username/password from SQL database in this script to provide the necessary authorization system.


Give access only after server checkout

As we already know, Pivot table component helps to protect your server completely against external threats. This is followed by a logical question whether our component is secured.

The access to cube or data is only available to Accelerator and clients work only with this tool and do not have the direct connection to the database itself. Moreover, the Accelerator gives you the additional protection because of its specificity to accept requests solely from the Flexmonster component. With every request a special secret key is sent and is checked on the server-side. If there are any changes in the request, the server will reject such requests. Thus, queries to the component could not be changed or hacked, so you are completely protected from potential threats.


Enable HTTPS to achieve a secure connection

For better reliability, we also highly recommend you to enable HTTPS for Accelerator. HTTPS encrypts all data that is sent from the client to Accelerator and vice versa.

Please follow the steps below to configure secure HTTPS connection for your setup:

We hope the question about the security of your data is settled.

And don’t forget to use our Support Forum, where you can find all answers for all your technical questions directly from our developers.