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Pivot Table demo

Our component provides you with fast and powerful JS Pivot grid. Flexmonster is convenient for displaying data to your end-users along with creating and analyzing reports based on the data. Web pivot offers filtering, sorting and grouping of simple or hierarchically arranged values. We work with various data sources and export analysis results in many ways. For more details follow our guides in the documentation: Supported data sources and Export options.

Flexmonster easily integrates with client-side frameworks and server-side technologies. Find examples for Angular, React, ASP.NET and some other options inside the Integration section.

Try our interactive drillable pivot charts. This data analysis tool is built-in inside the component. To provide better online data visualization we added connectors to the most popular charting libraries. Basically, you can get data from our web pivot table and display it using your favorite charting library. Follow the links for more information about integration with Highcharts, FusionCharts, Google Charts and any charting library.

Access the most used features easily via Toolbar which comes as a part of Flexmonster. Customize features available in Toolbar by adding and removing tabs. Find the examples here. As well as Toolbar, our Component is fully customizable to the project needs — you can show or hide Field List, sorting controls or any other option. Here is the list of available configurations. Also, you can change the appearance of the Component via CSS styles.