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  • Introduction to Flexmonster MongoDB Connector

    Flexmonster MongoDB Connector is a special server-side tool intended to simplify working with MongoDB. The Connector is easy to set up and use.

    To start transferring data from a MongoDB database to Flexmonster, the Connector needs to be embedded into a middle-layer server. This server has to accept requests from Flexmonster and pass them to the Connector.

    The Connector is responsible for sending requests to your MongoDB database, fetching data from that database, and passing the data back to the server.

    The MongoDB Connector is based on our custom data source API, so all calculations are performed server-side. Since the received data is already aggregated, there is a reduced load on the browser’s memory. The Connector also prepares your data so it fits the Flexmonster Pivot requirements.

    For a quick start in using the Connector, see the following guide:

    To learn how to embed the Connector in your project, have a look at these tutorials: