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Combine datasources?

Benni Anders asked on July 18, 2021

we are evaluating Flexmonster right now and came up with an important question. Is it possible to combine datasources in one report? 
Let me explain the use case.
In our database we have an object users, who just use our system. Then users can have tasks (one to many) and users can also have reservations (also one to many) (there are many other objects, just for the example now)
I was thinking to create 3 different data sources for 

  1. Users
  2. Tasks
  3. Reservations

But in reports we also would like to show users and its tasks (either aggregated or not), or users with tasks and reservations (for example list of users with number of open tasks, and number of open reservations).
So the question really is, is it possible to use in one reports 2 (or more) data sources, so that i can show for example the users and its tasks? 

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster July 19, 2021

Hello, Benni,
Thank you for writing to us.
Flexmonster works with one data set at a time. For such cases, we recommend combining the data set outside of Flexmonster (for example, on your server) and passing the combined data set to Flexmonster.
Here is a JSFiddle for illustration:
In the example, users and their orders are combined in one data set and passed to Flexmonster. Flexmonster processes the data and builds all the necessary relationships between the data points. Once the data is loaded in Flexmonster, you can select the desired fields (through Flexmonster’s UI in the Field List or programmatically by configuring the slice object) and create different reports.
This way, in your scenario, you can show both users and their tasks in one report.
Please let us know if any additional questions arise.
Kind regards,

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