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Getting Flexmonster.DataSever.Core.Exceptions.FlexmonsterServerApiException while loading reports dashboard with data resource

Venkata Narendra asked on March 2, 2021

We have created a reports’ dashboard with flex monster data source, it has more than one flexmosnter component in a single report. We are getting exception while loading saved reports. I think it is happening because of multiple data source calls are calling at time. How can we synchronize the flexmonster reports loading. For more clarity PFA of error screenshot. Please check it once and let me know possibilities to fix it. Thanks in advance.
NOTE: We use React.

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster March 3, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us and for providing a screenshot of the error.
According to the screenshot, it seems that you are using Flexmonster Data Server to connect to your data source.
If this is the case, we kindly suggest updating Flexmonster Data Server (see guide) and Flexmonster (see guide) to the latest version.
Please let us know if this helps to resolve the issue.
In case updating to the latest version doesn’t resolve the issue:
We would like to mention that an error similar to the one on your screenshot has been recently reported. In that case, the error occurred only if a Labels filter was applied on a field that contained an empty value. Our team is working on the case, and the fix will be available with the ETA 22nd of March.
With this in mind, could you please provide us with the Flexmonster report configuration where the error occurs so we could check if this is a similar case? 
Looking forward to your response. 
Kind regards, 

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster April 6, 2021

Hope all is well.
Our team is wondering if it worked to resolve the issue by updating Flexmonster and Flexmonster Data Server to the latest version.
Does everything work fine on your end?
If the issue persists, could you please provide us with additional details to help reproduce the issue:

  1. Your Flexmonster report configuration
  2. Your Flexmonster Data Server configuration (the flexmonster-config.json file) 
  3. Your Flexmonster Data Server log output of the issue (located in the /logs folder of the downloaded package)

Any sensitive information could be shared with us via email.
Looking forward to your response. 
Kind regards, 

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