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How to create the simplest report – column specification

Nivedita asked on September 16, 2021

Hi Team,
For the below JSFiddle where is the column specification? Where can I see/ set the column names for my table.

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Nadia Khodakivska Nadia Khodakivska Flexmonster September 16, 2021

Hello, Nivedita!
Thank you for your question.
The subset of data that will be shown in your report is defined by the Slice Object. When the slice was not defined, Flexmonster will select a default slice for the report, where the first hierarchy from the data goes to rows and the first measure goes to columns. 
Here is a JSFiddle where you can see the simple slice definition:
You can also find more information by the following link:
We hope it helps. You are welcome to write to us in case further questions arise.
Kind regards,

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