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Release notes

July 2015 (v. 2.112)

NEW We added new parameter showCalculatedValuesButton that controls the visibility of "Add calculated value" label in Field List.

NEW PACKAGE Now component saves formats only for the active measures.

Please pay your attention that in this minor release Download Package with the component was split into 3 packages by technology:

  • Download Pack HTML5
  • Download Pack Flash
  • Download Pack Flex (flex and flex mobile)

FIX The issue when Flat table doesn’t clear column sorting after loading a new report was fixed.


FIX The issue with aggregations dropdown staying visible in the Field List after selecting other elements on touch devices was fixed.

FIX We fixed the issue when part of the x-axis label is out of the screen.

FIX We fixed the inappropriate resize of the component’s container when drag and drop measures in calculated view.

FIX We improved drag and drop in Field List for the fields with long labels.

FIX  We fixed the issue that blocks drag and drop in Field List in some cases.

FIX The issue that shows error alert over correctly loaded CSV data was fixed.

FIX We fixed the issue with selection when the grid is shown without headers.

FIX The issue when data parser skips the last row of data in gziped CSV file was fixed.

FIX File.min.js was slightly changed to avoid conflict with Durandaljs.


FIX We fixed the issue with export to PDF when the first column was skipped or the export got hanged.