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Release notes

December 2015 (v. 2.201)

NEW  Java RESTful API project that illustrates how to get data from Relational DBs and use our Java Compressor.

NEW  Drill-through for Mondrian is now available (using Accelerator only).

NEW  The list of available aggregations for fields of "date string" and "datetime" data types was extended with Count and Distinct Count aggregations.

NEW HTML5/Flash The simplest way to define JSON data – in embedPivotComponent() function using data property. Even dataSourceType is not needed in this case:

flexmonster.embedPivotComponent(“”, “100%”, “600”, {
    data: [
        { “Category” : “Accessories”, “Color” : “green”, “Quantity” : 22 }
}, true);

NEW Flex The toolbar in Flex was updated with new icons and new options – ‘Connect > To local JSON’ and switcher between Compact, Classic and Flat grid views in ‘Options’.


FIX  Closing Details View after switching to Flat View.

FIX Fixed issue with wrong numbers in distinct count.

FIX 2.2 version introduces simplified naming of dimensions, hierarchies, measures and members for CSV/JSON data sources. There were backward compatibility issues with naming in reports generated by previous component’s versions which are fixed:

  • Backward compatibility in members naming for expands, drills and sorting works fine for both: report object and report XML.
  • Backward compatibility for addDataRecord() API call.
  • Backward compatibility for dimensions naming when data is set via API.
  • Backward compatibility for date hierarchies like [Date].[Date].[Year], [Date].[Date].[Month], [Date].[Date].[Day], where 3 and more elements were used in names.

FIX Connection to MSAS via XMLA: the issue when ‘Invalid datasource or catalog’ message was shown if there are no KPIs in cube was fixed.

FIX Issue with saving  fieldSeparator for TSV was fixed. Now it is saved in report XML the following way: <fieldSeparator><![CDATA[ ]]></fieldSeparator>

FIX Values of "datetime", "time" and "date string" fields are formatted based on date/time patterns only if Sum, Average, Product, Min or Max aggregation is selected for them. They are formatted as numbers if one of the following aggregations is used to aggregate them: Count, Distinct Count, % of Grand Total, % of Column, % of Row or Index.

FIX  When you select "date string" field with check box in Field List is put in rows by default.

FIX Accelerator The issue with connecting to Accelerator via JavaScript (connectTo(), setReport() methods) was fixed.

FIX Accelerator The issue with CORS was fixed.

FIX Accelerator The issue with freezing on “Loading KPIs…” was fixed.

FIX Accelerator Prevent terminating Accelerator app by hitting Enter key.


FIX  The height of Field List was adjusted for mobile layout.

FIX  The issue with truncated labels in PDF export was fixed.

FIX  Image cell renderers were fixed.

November 2015 (v. 2.122)


FIX  The issue with saving NaN values to OCSV was fixed.

FIX  The issue with loading OCSV files that contains ds+ columns was fixed.


FIX  The issue with loading some particular reports that contains embedded data was fixed.


FIX  The X-axis Label name is getting truncated only if a label is longer than 50 characters.

November 2015 (v. 2.121)

NEW  Тhe object returned to jsCellClickHandler, that is called when the cell is clicked, was extended with two more fields hierarchy and member.

NEW HTML5 The context menu by right mouse click was added.


FIX  jQuery 1.8.3 compatibility issue was fixed: opening local files.

FIX  The issue with parsing TSV files was fixed.

FIX  The issue with restoring column sizes from report was fixed.

FIX  The issue with empty exported PDF files was fixed.

October 2015 (v. 2.120)

NEW  New parameter useOlapFormattingInExcel for exportTo() was added to configure how to export grid cells in Excel file if formatting is taken from OLAP cube – as a formatted string (true) or as numbers without formatting (false). Previously it was not configurable and the cells were exported as formatted strings.

NEW  Now it’s possible to save data (for CSV/OCSV data sources) within the report file. Usage:"report.xml", "file", null, null, true);

Produced file will contain data in OCSV format.


FIX The issue related to non-changing of Grid view after changing a title of calculated formula in Calculated view was fixed.

FIX  If an existing formula is used to create a new formula, the old formula in the editor is represented by its name instead of internal code.


FIX  The truncation of long names in chart y-labels was fixed.

FIX  The positioning of labels on X-axis was fixed.

FIX  The issue with horizontal scrolling was fixed.

FIX  An exception that occurred when switching to bar line chart with only one measure selected was fixed.

FIX  The issue when showChartsWarning option did not turn off the warning on charts was fixed. The <param name = "showChartsWarning">false</ param> in report XML works fine now.

October 2015 (v. 2.119)

NEW  New property excelSheetName was added to export options in exportTo() API call to configure the sheet name when exporting to Excel file.

NEW  New alert was added if CSV data file is empty.

Note: it’s possible to change the alert message using XML localization file:

<noDataAvailable>Datasource is empty. Please check the CSV file.</noDataAvailable>

To know more about localization: Localizing component


FIX "if" formulas in calculated values work with spaces and without spaces between arguments.

FIX  The text NaN that appeared when editing empty value was changed to empty string.

FIX  The issue when the previously opened Filter or drill-through was not closed after showGridAndCharts() API call was fixed.

FIX  Showing zero values for measures in drill-through (API data source) was fixed.


FIX  The exception that happened during the cell data reading with getCell() API call, if the cell is not in the visible view port, was fixed.

FIX  The Filter disappearing issue when its height was bigger than the grid’s height was fixed.

FIX  Visual bug of the editing cell placement on top of the grid’s scroll bar was fixed.

FIX  Columns resizing issue was fixed.

FIX  Bug in Flat charts with Y-axis title was fixed.

FIX  Rotation of chart’s Y-axis label in Firefox was fixed.


FIX  The blinking of preloader message between “Analyzing data…” and the first message with % of data analysed was fixed.

FIX  The issue that causes hiding header labels with custom styles was fixed.

FIX  Click event returns ID of the member if it defined.