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July 2018 (v. 2.6.0)

NEW Ability to pick a measure several times for the report applying different aggregations. For example, Revenue measure can be selected 3 times for a pivot table showing different aggregated values Revenue (Sum), Revenue (Average) and Revenue (Max). (see a live demo on JSFiddle)

NEW Changing measure aggregation via context menu directly on the grid is now possible.

NEW Now it is possible to customize the right-click menu using customizeContextMenu hook. Learn more.

NEW Custom members sorting is now possible by using JS compare function. Learn more.

NEW Compressor for Node.js is now available. Optimize loading of your JSON, CSV files and datasets from MongoDB (check out the tutorial).

NEW Now it is possible to select multiple cells on the grid.

NEW The autoCalculationBar feature was added. Provides quick calculations for the selected cells area.

NEW Sample standard deviation was added to the list of aggregations. The default labels for standard deviation now have the following names: population standard deviation — Population StDev, sample standard deviation — Sample StDev.

NEW The preloaders when filtering or switching to charts were added.

FIX The data time format on License panel was changed to MM/dd/yyyy.

FIX Now, when you add a calculated value from UI the component checks whether its name is unique. In case it is not unique, the component adds - 2 ending to make the name unique.

FIX The issue with editing in drill-through was fixed.

FIX The issue with ‘One million rows’ demo was fixed.

FIX The issue with showing <b> tag when filtering data was fixed.

FIX The icon for editing a calculated value was updated.

FIX Drill through with filters was fixed for Mondrian.