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January 2019 (v. 2.6.11)

NEW The recordId parameter of Cell Data Object is available for all table forms: compact pivot table, classic pivot table and flat table.

NEW A new beautifyFloatingPoint formatting property was added. It allows showing numbers like 1.560000000000001 either as 1.56 or 1.560000000000001.

NEW Accelerator SSAS Added support for Azure Analysis Services for Flexmonster Accelerator.

NEW Accelerator SSAS Now drillThroughMaxRows property is supported for SSAS Accelerator.

FIX Accelerator The issue with empty data set when loading multiple instances was fixed.

FIX The issue with right-click on the filters area was fixed.

FIX Chart type names were replaced with more common ones. "bar_stack" was renamed to "stacked_column". "bar_line" was renamed to "column_line". Old names are working in terms of backward compatibility.

FIX The issue with formulas parser was fixed.