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Flexmonster Pivot Table for Blazor

A rich-featured pivot grid for your Blazor application

Flexmonster always follows new technologies and trends to improve the component so that developers can use it conveniently and simply in any stack.

We are glad to present a new Flexmonster Pivot integration with Blazor

But first, a few words about the Blazor framework.

What is Blazor?

Blazor is a new open-source Single Page Application development framework. It has really good community support and is very easy to start with.

Its main feature allows you to create cool interactive UIs with HTML, CSS, and C# instead of JavaScript. This significantly speeds up development as you can use familiar C# coding skills both on the backend and frontend to create your own logic. Nevertheless, you can continue to use the large ecosystem of JavaScript libraries to make client-side UI. Thus, you get the benefits of both technologies at once and can notably increase productivity.

As Blazor combines old Razor with .Net and WebAssembly, it allows you to create both server-side and browser applications, making it a super useful technology for every web developer. It is supported by all the popular browsers, including the older versions, and can work perfectly well without browser plugins.

Among its main advantages are memory-safe run, sandboxed environment, and fast execution. With all these features, Blazor has the potential to become a single UI framework for any .NET application. So we couldn't lose the opportunity to integrate Flexmonster with such an upstreaming framework.

How to create Blazor pivot grid

Using Blazor in combination with Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts, you can quickly create user-friendly and efficient data visualization and analysis applications and completely customize it for your needs.

We made the integration process as simple as possible so you could blaze really fast! All you need is:

  1. Download the archive or clone our sample project from GitHub.
  2. Run it from the console:
cd Flexmonster.Blazor.Sample
dotnet run

And that's it! Open http://localhost:5000/ in your browser and see the result.

For more details and a step-by-step tutorial, follow our guide on how to integrate Flexmonster into the new Blazor project.

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