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#Angular9: feature highlights & up-to-date Pivot Table

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Our team is constantly keeping the finger on the pulse of the front-end industry. 

With the upcoming Angular 9 release just around the corner, we were excited to try out all its newest features. But we’re even more pleased to announce that Flexmonster is ready for Angular 9 – you can install the most up-to-date package right now.

Let’s gain an insight into the most notable features introduced in the pre-release version of Angular 9. 

What’s new in Angular 9

  • Previously, Angular used ViewEngine as the main renderer. In Angular 8, Ivy was an experimental feature. But in Angular 9, the new Ivy compiler will finally be the default rendering engine

Why is this feature so important?

As you know, Angular has never been acknowledged as a lightweight framework. But now it has all the chances to deserving this title. By its design, Ivy solves a lot of issues related to performance. Thus, Angular apps built with Ivy will be faster and more efficient. Using it as a renderer results in reduced bundle sizes, which is especially crucial for the mobile apps’ performance. 

  • Ivy ensures not only stabler performance but better internationalization as well. Simply use the Angular CLI – it will be your helping hand for distributing the application in various languages and generating standard files for translators.
  • What about dependency injections in Angular Core? The scope of the `providedIn` decorator is extended. From now, you can specify ‘platform’ and ‘any’ scopes for this decorator. 
  • A new type-safe `inject` method has complemented the API for unit tests. Now it’s recommended to use `TestBed.inject` instead of `TestBed.get`. 
  • Selector-less directives are supported as base classes in Ivy. Previously, these had been supported only in ViewEngine. 
  • From now, TypeScript 3.6 is officially required to be used with Angular 9.
  • The TypeScript Compiler diagnostics have been enhanced as well. Now all the `ngtsc` diagnostics are converted to one common format – `Diagnostics`. Plus, the generation of highly descriptive error messages is supported. 
  • Improvements to Language Service. The logging on TypeScriptHost is enabled, Also, a diagnostics for template URLs and style URLs is introduced. 

Putting it all together

This time we’ve brought the most noticeable features to the spotlight. All these updates contribute to more efficient development and more high-grade development experience. As a developer, you can greatly benefit from a large step towards performance optimization taken by the team behind Angular.

And there is much more to explore and try out. Check out the official release notes and follow the updates on the Angular website. 

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts with Angular 9

Be sure to check out our GitHub and install Pivot Table into your Angular 9 project. 

We would love to hear your feedback. You can reach us through the Forum or Contact form.

Stay tuned! 

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