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Big Data means Big Profit: Time to Gain Augmented Visibility

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

The Big Data continues to roam through the world of business intelligence. Recently, I’ve came across a totally striking infographics, displaying an impact of Big Data market on enterprises. Regardless of industry and size, company executives begin to understand how big data inside their company can be converted into big profitability.

Big Data Big Profits InfograficsHowever, Big Data comes with big responsibility. Practically the arrays of Big Data are nothing, but same sets of facts. While they are initially useless without ETL-process (Extract, Transform and Load), it is mostly important to give out handy tools for end users.

While traditional tables are mostly sufficient for simple 2-dimensions report, taking into account more dimensions usually ends up with multiple reports over single measured fact, like sales revenue or number of visits. A pivot report from Excel provides sufficient effectiveness then, but trading Excel files via email becomes exhaustive when collaborating parties expect instant visibility and insight for proper decision making.

A web pivot component offers ability to load multidimensional report onto a webpage, without any need of creating new Excel file and getting it connected to a hard-coded data source. Web pivot reports are practical, because they are always online and accessible for everyone, who needs them. Flexmonster offers Pivot Table component as a simple addon or plugin to a page, which can be added in seconds and ready for insights immediately after getting connected to OLAP source or a local database.

No matter how large your data repository is, it is the report or indicator on the dashboard that drives your Decision Support System (DSS) and gets your business more profitable.