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Case study: Junar Delivers Open Data Platform with Online Reporting Enhanced by Flexmonster Pivot Component

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Company Profile
Name: Junar
Region: United States
Industry: IT solutions
Function: Data Economy, Open Data, Big Data

It’s a well-known global trend nowadays that millions of people around the world wish to have real-time access to various sorts of information.
This needstate is supplemented with wider range of abilities to visualize data on charts, creating and saving custom reports.
Junar has developed an easy-to-use platform for people’s access to public information of municipalities and governments.
Adding new features to their product it appeared that pivoting and generating charts on the fly became a useful add-on to the main product’s functionality.

Before starting the project, Flexmonster team faced both technical and business challenges. On one hand the project required an easy-to-integrate flexible solution for minimizing efforts on adding the new component to mostly finalized product. Flexmonster web pivot table & charts component has become an add-on feature of Junar system that’s why time resources on its integration to Junar’s open data platform were limited.

The second technical challenge was the ability to quickly parse large datasets. The third one was interactive real-time charting.

On the other hand, we faced the following business challenge. Flexmonster component being an add-on feature for Junar open data platform needed additional promotion that could took far longer than our regular trial period.

Thanks to Flexmonster initial capabilities Junar team was able to quickly integrate it as add-on component into the entire Junar open data system and start testing it using customers’ datasets.
The pilot project was launched on the platforms of 2 customers: City of Palo Alto and Chile Federal Government.
After successful primary launch, we at Flexmonster have decided to provide Junar team with an outstanding ability of half year free usage of production licenses on these domains.
This allowed not only improve and customize component’s functioning according to the needs of Junar system users.
These references were also used as sample resources for further product promotion.

Junar’s Open Data platform is becoming more popular gaining new accounts among US and LATAM municipalities and governments who tend to make public data open, easy to use, and easy to analyze and visualize.

Currently the product is used by more than 50 clients among which we can highlight City of Pasadena, Sacramento County, Government of Chile, Municipality of Lima, Government of Costa Rica, City of Palo Alto.

We believe in working hard and doing that with the right partners. In Flexmonster we not only found good technology but also a team that is always willing to go the extra step, find solutions, and all with a great level of responsiveness. Looking forward to continuing this partnership in the long term to continue delivering high-quality to our clients.