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Case study: Pivot Component for SolvAxis Web-Based ERP-Solution

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Company Profile
Name: SolvAxis
Region: Switzerland
Industry: IT solutions
Function: ERP’s Development and Services Solutions

SolvAxis came to Flexmonster team with the task of completing their ERP functionality with pivot table and charts component. The company required a datagrid with high rendering capabilities as their customers needed millions of rows of data to be visualized. Moreover, fast response was highly important in case of synchronous Gridview and Chartview in SolvAxis ERP product.

Developers of SolvAxis were also evaluating ZK-Pivottable as an alternative but it had lack of functionality comparing to Flexmonster pivot table component like charts.

Flexmonster team offered a customization project to provide SolvAxis product with outstanding performance. The problem with synchronous Gridview and the Chartview was that previously it had to be defined within 2 separate containers that increased loading time twice.

Within the offered customization project Gridview and the Chartview were composed into a single instance that required a one-off data loading which made overall component performance better. In Flexmonster newest 1.9 version this functionality is available for all of our customers.

Due to fast and efficient work of Flexmonster development team the project was finalized within 40 workdays. This also prevented client’s from developing its own solution with a lot of special code. Integration of Flexmonster pivot table component into SolvAxis solution was easy and the direct contact with the developer was outstanding.

Working with the Flexmonster Team was a pleasant experience and we are excited to view the Javascript component actually in development.