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Bluecrux in cooperation with Flexmonster

Case study: Bluecrux in cooperation with Flexmonster

Leading planning and scheduling company, Bluecrux, strive to develop the best-in-class supply chain and operation solutions that drive innovation of sustainable business growth. Their core mission is to connect customers, sales, operations, finance, partners, and suppliers across the globe through progressive digital technologies.

Today we are proud to showcase the results of our fruitful collaboration with Bluecrux that lasts since 2015.

Company profile

Company name: Bluecrux

Founded by: a team of skilled business consultants and developers from Belgium, passionate about supply chain & operations in multiple industries

Region: Europe, North America

Industry: Quality Control Labs and Quality Operations, R&D and Cell & Gene Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls, Pattern-Based Project Environments

Product: supply chain software, resource planning, and scheduling solutions

Challenges faced by Bluecrux

Binocs, one of the products developed and maintained by Bluecrux, is a cloud solution for smart resource demand & capacity planning and scheduling.

The product is designed specifically for tracking incoming demand and corresponding workload in an organization. It delivers features that aim for increasing supply chain visibility and addressing any emerging capacity issues efficiently.

But on the stage of development, Bluecrux encountered the challenge of finding a reliable reporting solution that helps the end-users to tackle advanced reporting tasks. The foremost requirements were as follows:

  • Seamless integration with the underlying tech stack.
  • Smooth connecting to Microsoft SQL Analysis Services for cubes analysis.
  • Speed-of-thought configuring of reports via the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Processing large volumes of incoming CSV data ranging in size from 500MB to 1GB.
  • For end-users: an Excel-like experience of producing intelligible reports.

Flexmonster Pivot successfully met all these requirements and our team assisted in delivering the final reporting solution to the end-users.

Bluecrux in cooperation with Flexmonster

Now Binocs is equipped with reporting and data visualization capabilities of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts.

This collaboration has proven to be beneficial for both the Bluecrux team and the end-users of Binocs. Rather than investing developers' resources into building a reporting solution from scratch, Bluecrux could focus on other priorities.

The resulting product accurately matches the needs of end-users as well: knowledge workers can masterly analyze planning and scheduling tasks by slicing and dicing data interactively, and, no less important, visualizing metrics in pivot charts.

Other noteworthy use cases with Flexmonster are:

  • Pareto analysis of the most frequently executed tasks.
  • Evaluation of the workload per month for identifying bottlenecks.

At Flexmonster, we endeavor to constantly interact with the Bluecrux team for a flexible response to the emerging needs of their customers. And we are glad to continue our close cooperation.

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