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Case study: GAtec in cooperation with Flexmonster

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.


Keeping in touch with our clients is important for our team. Sharing how Flexmonster is successfully applied to meet the business needs of our customers inspires us, so we decided to start a case study series where we would share some of that insight with our readers.

Today we are proud to showcase our partnership with GAtec — one of the top information system solutions on the Brazilian agribusiness market.

Company profile


Founded by: professionals from Copersucar Technology Center
Region: Latin America, Europe and Africa
Industry: agriculture sector
Product: developing and implementing information systems
Gains: 250 large customers, 6 million hectares of crops

Challenges faced by GAtec

SimpleViewer, one of the tools developed by GAtec, is a powerful tool for controlling the agricultural process. It is capable of data extraction from different data sources and further analysis of this data by presenting it in various visualizations. As a part of SimpleViewer ecosystem, GAtec was looking for a cube tool which would meet the following requirements:

  • ready-to-use and can be embedded in their product
  • works directly in the browser
  • provides a user-friendly interface
  • supports export to Microsoft Excel
  • is able to work quickly with thousands of database lines

Flexmonster meets these requirements and our successful cooperation began in 2017. All SimpleViewer users have access to the embedded cube tool which helps to analyze their agriculture data:

Pivot chart and pivot table embedded into SimpleViewer dashboard

GAtec in cooperation with Flexmonster

Now Flexmonster is the official cube tool of GAtec. It is used to assist users in the planning and control of agricultural production along with the analysis of information from the ERP systems such as purchases, accounts payable, etc.

At Flexmonster, we are constantly communicating with GAtec. They are among the first customers to migrate to the latest major versions and always provide the feedback on the new features.

Feedback about Flexmonster


Flexmonster is an excellent tool, very easy to use and maintain. Its usage in our system has become a differential in relation to the competition because it is very difficult to find a cube tool that works directly on the web with such performance, visual and quality. Partnering with Flexmonster is very important in our strategy. I would like to highlight the excellent service we received from Flexmonster staff, especially from Olena Maistrenko who has always been very quick and gentle in negotiations.