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Case study: Treeni in cooperation with Flexmonster

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In a modern world, the possibilities come not from owning the data but from properly managing and analyzing it.

Today we want to showcase our partnership with Treeni — a really great company working with sustainability data management and analytics.

Company profile


Founded by: sustainability practitioners and technology experts
Region: India and the United States
Industry: information technology and services
Product: sustainability performance management & data analytics
Gains: changing the way companies approach sustainability

Challenges faced by Treeni

Treeni Resustain is a sustainability performance management & data analytics platform. It enables enterprises and large organizations to automate the acquisition & harmonization of sustainability data. Resustain then enables users to derive KPIs & deep insights from that data, drive sustainability performance management, and publish statutory disclosures with assurance.

As a part of Resustain ecosystem, Treeni was looking for a data analysis tool which would meet the following requirements:

  • provides an easy-to-use interface for pivoting data
  • handles about 50 MB of data
  • integrates with third-party charting libraries, such as ECharts
  • supports data filtering & grouping
  • comes as a ready-to-use solution so it can free up development resources to focus on domain-specific functionality

Flexmonster meets all the requirements and we started our cooperation in 2015. All Treeni Resustain users have access to Flexmonster. It allows users to filter, aggregate, group, and drill down into data. This helps them derive deeper insights into their own data.

Treeni in cooperation with Flexmonster

Now our pivot table is a part of Treeni Resustain. It is used to assist the users with analysis of sustainability performance data. Such data is exported from MongoDB into CSV format. The CSV is then loaded into Flexmonster where the users pivot it.

Already aggregated CSV data from Flexmonster is used to configure the dashboard via a special visualizations library from Treeni. Such CSV data is cached in the system and gets updated as soon as there is new data in MongoDB.

Our communication with Treeni started when their project was in the development phase. The cooperation reached a new level as Treeni has launched Resustain and the number of their customers was growing. Throughout these three years, we exchange all major news and Flexmonster team provides guidance on some integration questions.

Feedback about Flexmonster


Flexmonster helps us give our end users unparalleled access to data through a convenient & easy-to-use interface. This has saved us the time and effort which we would otherwise have had to expend to reinvent something similar.