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Flexmonster Licenses: Which One to Choose?

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

After the Component evaluation you could probably face the question: which license to choose? With this blog post we will help you to make the right decision when you are trying to get the most suitable license for your project.

There are two key licenses for Flexmonster Component usage:


This type of license is offered for internal usage of one company either yours or your client’s. It can be used for a single-company intranet deployment.

Single Corporate License is offered in two options:

  • Perpetual license with unlimited time of usage, which includes free annual maintenance (Support & Updates).
  • Annual Subscription of the component for one year from the moment of the purchase with free annual maintenance (Support & Updates).  



If you want to embed the Component into your software for further distribution in terms of ISV or you are a SaaS vendor you need to apply for OEM license or SaaS license. The main approaches are:

  • Annual Subscription for SaaS providers.
  • OEM for multiple on-premise deployments.
  • Unlimited Perpetual Distribution for unlimited perpetual deployments/users.

Please contact our Sales Department to get the pricing.



There are two main types of keys.

Development license key is provided for development purposes. It is applicable to your local host environment. We do not license on per-developer basis, thus, you need only one license for the whole development team that works for the same project. This key is issued right after the purchase.

Production license key is provided for the production environment (domain/URL) where the Component runs (e.g. It is not obligatory to know the production domain at the moment of purchase.

Staging key can be issued by request for testing on the real domain, but not in production environment.

Once you need to use the Component on a production domain, which differs from the primary one, you need to purchase a new license. In case of OEM license, you can use as many production domains as your package includes.



Our maintenance includes technical support and updates.

Within our technical support, you can get bug fixing and technical assistance on the integration of the Component into your application provided by our developers.

Please note that we do not integrate the Component into your application as a part of your maintenance. Nevertheless, we may provide you with technical advice on the issues with 3rd party software during the integration.

Updates. Usually, we release two major versions with significant improvements annually and minor versions including bug fixes and ongoing enhancements once every two weeks. You can update your Component to the latest version during your active maintenance period.

When acquiring a perpetual Single Corporate License you get one year of free maintenance.

In a year you can choose to renew the annual maintenance for half price of the current license price. Otherwise, you can still continue using the Component without further updates and technical support. Under OEM license you can renew the annual maintenance for all licenses of your package for a special fee.

Annual Subscriptions (both Single Corporate License and SaaS) include technical support and updates for the license duration.


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If you still have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you!