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NEW! 2.7 Version. Look out for improvements

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

When you are a developer who is searching for a web tool as a part of your solution, what are your selection criteria?

Most likely your choice will fall on:

  • convenience for an integrator
  • functionality that addresses the need
  • enjoyable data performance for an end-user.

Developing our Pivot, in Flexmonster, we follow all these criteria to serve you the product you need. Taking that in mind, we have these three pillars on which our Pivot is based:

  • the data you load
  • the rules applied to the data to show the exact report
  • the UI and the end-user instruments to explore it.

Thusly, for this release we paid attention to all these constituents of our pivot grid and made a comprehensive update for the new version.

Here is what we’ve got:

New Filters

This can be called a WOW feature. We have exceedingly extended filtering with a variety of options. Hereafter, filtering depends on the data type. We added Label, Time and Date filters and also extended the variety of conditions for Value filtering.

Please check how it eases your reporting experience.

But wait. There is more to come that you might not want to miss.

Spectacular memory performance optimization

Applying a new algorithm for v 2.7 allowed us to improve the memory performance of our grid by around 36%. This is a huge leap forward for all who works with large datasets. Ergo, today you get a fast and smoothly working tool that far more optimizes your data in a browser.

Test dataset Memory consumption improvement, %
100k unique records JSON 31%
1M unique records JSON 42%

So, care less – load more.

For you to be aware of our tests and results we provide all the details here.

New data source: Flexmonster for

Starting with 2.7 we support Elasticsearch data source. It’s a highly promising and booming open source technology that might be perfect for processing huge amounts of data. Thereby, we couldn’t help but add the option for you to create insightful reports based on the data from an Elasticsearch index directly in a browser.

We had successfully completed testing of a beta version. And now we are ready to present the new edition of full value followed by detailed documentation for your insightful reports with Elasticsearch.

Fresh design

It’s spring outside. With this feeling, we added a final touch on our release version – a new refreshed design. As always, with a thought of elegance, simplicity, and applicability to your projects.

All the below features can be used right after the download.