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Flexmonster Pivot Table integration with Ionic

NEW! Pivot Table for Electron.js

We get inspired by innovations. We are driven by innovations. Naturally, we strive to support newly emerging frameworks and technologies by making the lives of developers who create reporting software easier.

Therefore, we are excited to announce that now you can integrate Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts with the Electron.js framework. 

But first, let’s make a brief introduction to Electron.js. 

What is Electron.js?

Electron.js is an open-source framework for streamlined and time-saving building of cross-platform desktop applications. 

What makes this framework innovative is that developers can use web technologies to which they are accustomed to, namely JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, for creating desktop applications and deploying them to different platforms using a single and reusable codebase.

It can be fairly noted that Electron.js presented a revolutionary approach to cross-platform development. By combining the Chromium rendering engine and the runtime and module system of Node.js, it made designing and maintaining desktop apps far more seamless than it was before. Plus, working with a single codebase also greatly reduces development time.

With Electron, developers can focus on the core functionality of a future application. In other words, on what to create rather than how. 

Last but not least highlight is strong support by GitHub and an active developer community. Make sure of that by looking through a comprehensive list of tools, code templates, and components for Electron - all of them are freely available on the official website. If you wish to make your contribution to the project's growth, feel free to check the guidelines for contributing to Electron

Core features of Electron.js we want to bring up

  • Provides API for OS integration.
  • Uses Chromium for rendering the UI.
  • Uses Node.js. This allows you to use any Node.js package and run a Node.js code.
  • Supports self-update for apps.
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Provides a straightforward way of packaging and distribution of an app.

Electron apps 

Lots of outstanding apps you might be using in your daily life and work are built with Electron. Slack, Visual Studio Code, Facebook Messenger, Twitch, Discord, to name a few.

Pivot for Electron.js

We acknowledge Electron as one of the best ways to build desktop applications that run on any platform. Hence, we are happy to provide you with an opportunity to create a reporting cross-platform app with Electron.js and Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts

To learn the details, refer to our guidelines on how to integrate a data-visualization focused reporting tool with your Electron app

As a result, you will empower your end-users with drag-and-drop analytics and reports accessible everywhere.

Stay tuned to find out more

And other great news is coming soon! Keep up with our blog and Twitter updates to find out about Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts for Desktop - a plug-and-play reporting app that runs on any platform and provides all the essential data analysis functionality via the UI. 

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