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NEW: Pivot Table for Kibana

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Pivot Table for Kibana is ready and at your service.

Our latest release has been noted with a new feature that allows users to display data from Elasticsearch. We saw how swiftly it had been picked up by our customers and decided to enrich this feature even more.

We made a step ahead and created a pivot table plugin for Kibana users. Using a pivot table just like any other tool from the Kibana UI could greatly simplify the work with data. And we will show you how to.

But before, let’s talk a bit more what was the idea behind it.

Being familiar with the Elastic Stack you have definitely tried the functionality that Kibana offers. It’s a magnificent tool to visualize data from Elasticsearch, creating interactive dashboards with all this variety of charts, graphs, and maps. And having said, it has already been equipped with a lot of pre-built aggregations and filters to run a variety of analytics.


It is a pivot table that is missing in Kibana. Better said an advanced one.

Thus, we filled this gap with Flexmonster.

With all its vast functionality, Flexmonster Pivot covers the need in summarizing business data and displaying results in a cross-table format interactively & fast. All these Excel-like features, to which so many of you are used to, and its extended API will multiply your analytics results remarkably.

On top of that, you can use the pivot table in Kibana directly from its UI.

Yes, sounds promising. But more precisely, why you may be interested:

  • Flexmonster is in line with the concept of Kibana

Kibana is designed for data visualization. Our component summarises, analyses and shows data in real time, using Elasticsearch as a datasource. It is meant to be used together to empower your reporting substantially.

  • Simply embeddable Pivot for Kibana

We created a truly easy way to add Pivot Table as a plugin for Kibana that will take no time at all.

  • Plus one way to get powerful insights

Generating your report, you need to know what exact results are important to highlight in your report. Pivot interactivity gives you the easy way to play with the data, slice & dice fields, and get these results and insights.

Use our Github to start:

This technology is certain to be growing and we are happy to be helpful in using Kibana even more effectively.