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Many BI Reporting Needs – One Solution?

The reporting needs are always different - one needs just a plain view of table with rows and columns, other a bunch of luminous and colorful charts, full of insights. Does all of them require just one component? The answer is YES.

Flexmonster Pivot Table is not just a pivot table on its own, but rather a “swiss knife” that is capable to cater multiple reporting needs. Desperate for ultra interactivity? Need just one page of simple and neat table? Want to add some integration? Go for it as Flexmonster offers its customizability to fulfill 99% of common reporting configurations. (more…)

Summer’12 v1.6. Released! The Highlights and Changes from Team

Flexmonster team is proud to tell about the release of version 1.6 (Summer’12) of the Pivot Table. Please see general changes in the new version:

  • Component initialization is 4X faster comparing to 1.5;
  • Optimized Javascript API and Flex API (see updated documentation!)
  • (more…)

Big Data means Big Profit: Time to Gain Augmented Visibility

The Big Data continues to roam through the world of business intelligence. Recently, I’ve came across a totally striking infographics, displaying an impact of Big Data market on enterprises. Regardless of industry and size, company executives begin to understand how big data inside their company can be converted into big profitability. (more…)

Connecting Flexmonster Pivot to Microsoft SQL Database

Recently we have received a number of feedback about getting Flexmonster Pivot connected to MSSQL database. Flexmonster Pivot can read from various databases, using CSV format to read data from tables for database reports. Our team has prepared simple C#.NET script and web project, which can be deployed within minutes on your IIS server. (more…)

An Easy Start with Flexmonster Pivot

Whether you are doing a garage startup with a friend of yours or represent a solid enterprise, there is always a question how to start with using a component such as Flexmonster Pivot for your business discovery apps. As a number of plans and options for editions fall into the focus of your intention, still a question arises - where should I start?

Flexmonster Pivot is a perfect starting point for any kind of a company size from 2 and up to 1000+ users. Just answer 3 simple questions for yourself to choose a right edition which you need in your particular project: (more…)

How Pivot Tables are Important in Data-Driven Decisions

Analysis tools are essential part of enterprise software as they become more and more effective in day-to-day decision making. As most companies operate big data amounts today, it is obvious that it becomes difficult to do all the data retrieval, management and analysis, or the ETL cycle. If implemented properly, the data-driven decision making can increase overall company performance from 5% and up!

Big Data is sprouting today across every company life. Web traffic, social marketing activities, as well as KPI like shipments, sales and customer care - all of these are data that are coming into the company, but require quick and efficient tools for decision making. The data becomes the main driver of the company as it becomes as important asset as personnel or money. (more…)

Why Online OLAP Reporting Tools Are Better Than Excel?

A common day in financial department of Company X starts with Derp getting her Excel launched. She connects to company OLAP server to load revenue information over last quarter for her annual report. At noon Derp needs to submit her financial report to the sales VP. Usually she mails one Excel file per each report type, like revenue by day or sliced by revenue source. Finally, she ends up in dozens of such reports, messing all the filenames and trying to figure out which report was already generated. The sales VP gets frustrated while roaming through number of Excel files he can’t figure out and calls Derp into the office for an assistance. (more…)

In Memory Databases and Making OLAP Reports Load Faster Than Ever

When dealing with BI reports, one understands how speed is important to get real big data rendered in an acceptable time. Having all the information and trends visible in a fast and robust way would help decision-makers to proceed with convenience and reduce their stress in the decision-making process. Conversely, slow reports that prompt user to click pager every time to locate the proper value in their OLAP grids are terribly frustrating.

The BI tools developers try to tackle this issue with balancing between client-side and server-side load, to achieve best load time and performance. Sometimes they use an “in-memory” approach, borrowed from databases. According to this approach, some part of the OLAP functionality is relying on machine’s main memory or even client-side storage, which gives out ability to give out data faster, and, therefore, render reports within few seconds.

We, at Flexmonster, use the in memory concept to build our own effective technology for handling big data. The technology allows end-user to load raw data for analysis in the form of CSV, without any necessity to install OLAP server, BI solution or hire any integrators or consultants. Upon loading raw data, which can be fetched from CSV file, database or any external datasource, our Flexmonster Pivot creates In-Memory Cube model. The In-Memory Cube then serves as datasource for all operations inside Pivot like setting up report layout, switching between modes, sorting, filtering or applying conditional formatting.

The In-Memory Cube technology allows Flexmonster Pivot to render OLAP data, and data from Big Data sources in a fast and user-friendly way, without any necessity to reload, request data again from server or waiting while the next page loads.

Try it yourself today from our on-site demo and let us know the experience!

Flexmonster Pivot. The Lightweight OLAP for Serving Common BI Reporting Tasks

The common BI Suites are targeted over large enterprises and middle companies. Along with complexity of their deployment and launch cycle, their price is often completely unaffordable for small companies and startups.

As small companies and startups are seeking for affordable OLAP tools, which are simple to get up online and running, they are frequently requiring additional services to get the cheap tools integrated and operated properly.

Flexmonster Pivot is a reporting tool at first; however, it is also the most lightweight OLAP ever that is capable to work on client-side without any necessity of installation or configuration. While common OLAP servers require you to prepare the data for OLAP cubes, Flexmonster Pivot can load cube report from plain data like CSV or a database table, which is exported (statically or dynamically) as CSV. Using its in-memory capabilities, the component visualizes data instantly, allowing you to configure measures and dimensions on the fly. And what's more important, at no additional integration cost at all!

The analysis couldn't have been more cheap! You can just source the plain CSV file (which includes Excel files as well, since you can export them as CSV) and get your cube report up and running for further analysis - locate the trends, fetch or calculate specific data etc. Check out our Flexmonster YouTube Channel for complete guides!

Implementing Authentication for OLAP Cubes in Flexmonster Pivot

In one of our previous blog posts we have mentioned that Flexmonster Pivot can connect not only raw OLAP data such as CSV, but also OLAP cubes such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Pentaho Mondrian, JasperReports Server and icCube. (more…)

Implementing Flexmonster Pivot with icCube BI Suite

When it comes to quick and robust deployment of BI platform, icCube ( is one of the best choices. Staying devoted to their motto, "OLAP With Pleasure", icCube proves without any doubts that installation, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of BI Suite does not need to be overcomplicated at all.

Our team has quickly ensured that the installation takes just 5-10 minutes and you are all set to design your reports and connect Flexmonster Pivot table to your icCube.

Just unpack the Flexmonster Enterprise Site or Advanced Edition Pivot package and replace the <dataSource> definition with the following snippet.


Don’t forget to adjust your proxyUrl, so that Pivot knows where to connect.
Now launch the Pivot from your HTML page and off you go with fast OLAP analytics with icCube and Flexmonster Pivot!

Which Technology Is Better For Online Web Reporting – Flash vs. HTML5

Adobe's decision to donate Flex to the Apache foundation and so, end Flash player support for mobile devices has many newsmakers and bloggers eager to proclaim that Flash technology has been replaced with the new HTML5 standard. (more…)