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NEW! Pivot Table 2.8: integration with React Native

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Keeping up with the latest technologies in mobile app development, we couldn’t miss React Native – the most powerful framework for building cross-platform applications. Supported by Facebook, its GitHub repository is the 2nd most popular by the number of contributions. 

Today we’re excited to share with you awesome news about integration with React Native.

During the last year, we kept noticing the increasing trend on questions about the pivot table for mobile platforms.

We prepared a wrapper for React Native. Like any other Flexmonster wrappers for front-end frameworks, it’s incredibly easy to use. 

We hope that this integration will hugely save the precious time of React Native developers. 

Why React Native

Have you ever encountered the need to develop an app that adapts for mobile, tablets, and desktop? 

If yes, we feel your pain. This is exactly the reason why Facebook created React Native – to rescue developers with similar challenges and make their work a lot easier. 

We’d like to highlight the main advantages of using React Native for cross-platform web development:

  • You can share the same codebase between Android and iOS platforms. This feature makes development indeed universal and reusable.
  • Optimal performance. Yes, using React Native is not the fastest approach compared to programming in Swift, for example, but you might hardly notice the difference in speed. 
  • Hot reloading. A feature that saves time and enhances productivity – there’s no need to rebuild the entire app every time you make changes. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. Smaller teams are needed to perform the task of developing an app. A JavaScript developer can simultaneously program for both platforms. 
  • Modular architecture. You can divide the program into modules to make development more flexible.
  • Declarative programming for creating UIs.
  • Active community that supports the framework and contributes new tools. Plus, you can always share your issues and be sure to receive feedback.

Flexmonster and React Native UI components

And one more word about no less important topic – design. 

The look & feel of our web pivot table is made in the best traditions of minimalistic style. That’s why we think Flexmonster perfectly matches built-in UI components for React Native.

Besides, the component itself is completely responsive – end-users of your app will appraise the smoothness of drag-and-drop with the first screen touch.

Time to try Pivot Table for React Native

We hope working with Flexmonster Pivot on mobile or tablet will be nothing but a true delight.

Download our GitHub sample to test the app with the pivot grid for React Native on your device. 

Once you get hands-on experience, please tell us what you think. We’re excited to know your opinion.