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React Pivot Table with FusionCharts

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts seamlessly integrates with FusionCharts — a data visualization library that offers up-to-date interactive charts.

A web-based dashboard created with Flexmonster pivot grid for React and FusionCharts is a perfect self-service analytics tool that can help decision-makers within any company. You can build the dashboard according to your business logic and give a highlight to all vital metrics and KPIs. .

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Check our integration with FusionCharts guide to learn how to create the dashboard with Flexmonster Pivot Table and FusionCharts and add it to your React app with minimum effort.

The integration process is based on usage of the Сonnector for FusionCharts that enables to establish real-time communication between the components. The principle of the dashboard’s work is simple: Flexmonster takes raw data, summarizes it, and sends for further visualization to the charts.