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    Sample Angular project

    A sample Angular and Flexmonster project is a ready-to-use application with several live demos. Get the sample project to try out Flexmonster.

    To integrate with an existing Angular project, see integration with Angular.


    Create a sample Angular and Flexmonster project

    To create a sample project, run the flexmonster create command in the console:

    flexmonster create angular -r

    This command downloads the sample project and launches it in the browser. To shut down the project from the console, press Ctrl + C.

    The sample project is located inside the flexmonster-angular-project/ folder in your current working directory.

    Usage examples

    The sample Angular and Flexmonster project contains examples of:

    • Creating the pivot table
    • Working with API calls and events
    • Customizing Flexmonster
    • Integrating with charts

    Learn more about these examples in our guide: Flexmonster usage in Angular.

    What’s next?

    Integrate with an existing project: Integration with Angular.

    Adjust the sample project to your needs: