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  • Browser compatibility
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  • Sample JavaScript project

    This guide will help you run a sample JavaScript project. It is a ready-to-use application with a live Flexmonster demo. Get the sample project to try out Flexmonster.

    To integrate Flexmonster into an existing project, see integrating Flexmonster.


    • Flexmonster CLI
      Install it with the following command:
      npm install -g flexmonster-cli

    Get the sample JavaScript project

    Run the flexmonster create command in the console:

    flexmonster create javascript -r

    This command downloads the sample project and launches it in the browser.

    The sample project is located inside the flexmonster-javascript-project/ folder in your current working directory.

    To see how Flexmonster is embedded into a JavaScript project, check out the flexmonster-javascript-project/index.html file.

    What’s next?

    Integrate into an existing project or adjust the sample project to your needs: