Release notes

Version 2.118 / September 28, 2015

NEW  Only measures with properties different from default are being saved in report. All the measures were saved in report before this minor release. This improvement reduces the size of report file.

NEW HTML5 Y-axes have a vertically aligned titles.

NEW HTML5 Displaying X-axis and Legend label names in tooltip.

NEW HTML5 Report’s filename parameter supports URL to a blob/file object created by URL.createObjectURL().


FIX  Ignorance of configuratorActive parameter in the very first loaded report was fixed.

FIX  Restoration of sorting in Flat table for the report based on the same CSV datasource was fixed.

FIX  Dashboard demo height in download pack was fixed to show the demo completely.


FIX  Showing wide columns on the grid was improved.

FIX  Toolbar update: credentials fields for OLAP connection were removed (because this feature isn’t available in HTML5).

FIX  Wrong filter pop-up placement with long members’ names was fixed.

FIX  The issue with parsing specific CSV files that contain ":" character in the header was fixed.

FIX  The issue when Field List OK button was disabled for Flat table after a CSV file load was fixed.

Version 2.117 / September 14, 2015

NEW HTML5 Improved grid performance for IE and Firefox.

NEW  Component is fully compatible with Microsoft Edge.

NEW  Callback handler for exportTo() API call was implemented.

NEW  Number format applied in grid is exported in Excel file.


FIX  The issue with showing zero values for measures in drill-through (API data source) has been fixed.


FIX  More smooth touch scroll on tablets is available now. Try it!

FIX  Losing <hash> issue in saved report XML was fixed.

FIX  The X-axis Label name is getting truncated only if a label is longer than 50 characters.

Version 2.116 / August 31, 2015

NEW  We have prepared a sample ASP.NET MVC 5 project to demonstrate the integration with Flexmonster Pivot Component.

Download link:

Files to consider:

  • Scripts/Flexmonster/ – folder with component files;
  • Views/Flexmonster/Index.cshtml – adding component to the page.

NEW  Horizontal scrolling appears if pivot view has several frozen columns and narrow scrolling area in the classic mode.

NEW The row height is set in exported excel only if the height of row in pivot component is not default.


FIX  "dt+" did not work for CSV data source – this was fixed.

FIX  Loaded via API 'date string' dates were considered as measures falsely and the component shown all available aggregations for them when only Count and Distinct Count are applicable. This issue was fixed and now 'date string' dates are considered as hierarchies.

FIX  Custom column width was not kept when refreshing, sorting, filtering a flat table. Also, custom columns width / rows height were not being saved and restored properly. Both issues were fixed.

FIX  The row height and the column width calculations were improved.


FIX The issue with loading TSV files in IE10 was fixed.

FIX Indentation issue in printing was fixed.

FIX  The issue when '(blank)' member has wrong order while sorting 'date string' dates was fixed.


FIX  Text alignment (right) for PDF export was fixed.

FIX  Now all labels are displayed in short style if they are greater than 1M.

FIX CSV Compressor DLL Library for CSV Compressor for .NET was updated to the latest version. It contains several fixes related to CSV parsing. The most important is the correct support of "|" characters in input CSV file. Thus, if you use it please download the latest one from the link below and replace dll in your project with the one from the package.

You can download it within our trial package. It is in “Configured for Relational databases: MySQL, Oracle, etc.” package in the download email.

Version 2.115 / August 17, 2015

NEW  Now grid’s title is exported to Excel file.

NEW  Numbers exported to Excel: the rounding (to the amount of decimal places in formatting) is now applied to exported grid’s measures.

NEW HTML5 Field List UI for touch devices is improved much and became more user friendly.


FIX  Drill downs issue was fixed. Now they are correctly restored from the saved report if hierarchy is under the Values.

FIX  The dates formatting was fixed in the drill through panel.

FIX The bug in list of available aggregations for non-numeric measures in API was fixed. Now it is limited by "count" and "distinct count".

FIX  The problem that some rows had inappropriate height property in exported Excel was fixed. The issue was reproducible in MS Excel 2010 and in MS Excel 2013.


FIX  The issue with wrong columns dimensions in PDF export was fixed.

FIX  Text alignment (right) for PDF export was fixed.

FIX  3px bottom padding was fixed.


FIX  The default behavior of showGridAndCharts() was fixed. Now showGridAndCharts() shows bar chart if no parameter was specified.

Version 2.114 / August 3, 2015

NEW  Now you can try new dashboard demo on our website and find it in download packages. It shows how several Flexmonster pivot table and charts component instances can be used on dashboard.

NEW New showChartLegendButton option is added.

Please note that starting from this minor release 'hide legend' button is hidden by default. It was done to save space for charts graphics if the container for it is small. If you would like to display 'hide legend / show legend' button, then please use the new option and set it to true.

NEW New showChartMeasures option is added. This option will help to hide all dropdowns on the top of charts if you want to show simple chart without controls or you want to save space. The dropdowns are visible by default, as it was in previous versions.

NEW HTML5 The default set of colors is updated for charts. You can choose whether to use them or set your own colors via CSS.

NEW Flash & Flex Flash / Flex charts look is improved: gradient fill was removed from charts. More bright default colors are used now.


FIX  Field List threw an exception in mentioned cases:

– If the very first report or the path to the data source was corrupted;
– If the data source could not be loaded or was empty;
– If the data source had corrupted data.

This issue was fixed.

FIX  Exporting grid title to Excel file was added.


FIX  Several Excel exporting issues were fixed. Namely:

– inappropriate headers indentation and color;

– inappropriate columns and rows sizes.


FIX  Printing grid title was added.

FIX  Exporting grid and charts title to HTML file was added.