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June 2018 (v. 2.5.4)

NEW Angular 6 support was added. Please update ng-flexmonster to the latest version.

NEW Now it is possible to calculate Standard Deviation for the specific measure (just choose the appropriate aggregation from the list).

NEW celldoubleclick event was extended to return the whole data row in a drill-through view. When the cell is double-clicked in the drill-through view, celldoubleclick returns Cell Data Object with the new property rowData. rowData is an array of cells from the underlying data row. Each cell is a Cell Data Object.

NEW Slice object was extended with a new drillThrough property. It allows pre-defining slice for the drill-through view.

NEW datachanged event was extended to return the old value. It can be accessed the following way:[0].oldValue.

FIX The issue of adding fm-ui-element CSS class to DOM elements outside of the Flexmonster component was fixed.

FIX The expand/collapse icon disappearing when you drill down hierarchy was fixed.